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Wellspent makes it easy to rethink whether you want to keep scrolling social media.

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Select distracting apps

Most users connect social apps like Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.
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Get supported to set healthy limits & choose the vibe of the reminders.
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Get frequent reminders

Full-screen reminders make you stop scrolling in real-time.
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Feel in control

Save time and use your phone on your terms.
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Wellspent members are saving thousands of hours every day


Wellspent's full-screen reminders are really effective at bringing me back to the present so I can choose how I want to spend my time.


Only have it for a few days now but so far I really like it. Helps me use social media more consciously. And I like the cute messages that actually make me reflect whether the time I spend scrolling is worth it and time well spent.


This app really helps me decrease my screen time and stop scrolling mindlessly on TikTok to do what I wanted to do. My screen time before were 6-8 hours/day now they are 2-3 hours/day.


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