A world where all screen time is time well spent

Technology is great. But only if we use it consciously. In recent years, this has become increasingly unbalanced. Social media apps and news sites have kept us glued to our devices for longer and longer, even when we didn't want to be.

Wellspent wants to change that. We never want to say 'I just wasted one hour on Instagram' again and feel bad about it. We want to put phone users back in the driver's seat. Our attention, our time, our choice of what to do with it.

We're here to make conscious phone use easy.

The people behind Wellspent

Wellspent is the solution that wasn't there when we needed it the most. We won't stop until phone overuse is solved.

Photo of the three founders
From left to right: Marius Rackwitz, Christina Roitzheim, Selcuk Aciner
  • Marius: Studied computer science and has already worked for numerous Silicon Valley start-ups, such as Calm. Likes to dance Jazz & Swing in his spare time. 🕺 At Wellspent he is responsible for the technology.
  • Christina: Studied psychology and worked as a design thinking trainer for multinational companies. Prefers to start her day with yoga and meditation. 🧘 At Wellspent she is responsible for the training and all content.
  • Selcuk: Studied business administration and founded his first startup at the age of 23. Passionate coffee drinker. ☕ At Wellspent he is responsible for all things business and marketing.

On our way we were supported by great people with the most diverse skills: engineers, designers, illustrators, developers, psychologists, researchers and investors. Without you we would not be here today. ❤️


Badge of EU grant EFRE
Badge of grand Land Brandenburg – Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Energie

The BIG FuE project aims to develop an AI that analyzes users in real time and detects when they are engaging in unhealthy smartphone behaviors. At these moments, the AI will intervene and perform appropriate micro-exercises with the person to counteract the harmful behavior. Overall, the goal is to reduce the score of problematic smartphone use in the long term. Bad habits are to be replaced by good ones. For this purpose, the user is offered special courses with practical exercises from cognitive-behavioral therapy to train and reinforce positive habits.

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